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Phlo is the world's first blockchain enabled online lending marketplace for commodity trade finance. Phlo is the flagship product of Satoshi Systems Limited - a company focused on digitizing the commodity trading, finance and supply chain processes. 

In Phlo we have:

  1. Created an online marketplace where commodity traders can apply for trade and collateral finance which can then be matched with investors willing and capable to take exposures to such loans
  2. Created a platform which actively manages the risks associated with commodity based loans until the loan is fully repaid to the investors
  3. Used blockchain as a key technology component in all the above business projects in order to enable parties who do not necessarily trust each other to do business together or collaborate for joint business
  4. Use IoT as a key technology component in all the above activities to determine the geo-location and other physical attributes of the physical commodity and track the supply chain from origination until it is consumed in the manufacturing process
  5. Use Machine Learning as a key technology component in all the above activities to generate real time, meaningful, actionable and practical insights for all the network participants


  1. To reduce friction in the lending market for commodity trading activities by using best in class technologies and processes.
  2. To achieve an average turnover of less than 14 days for loan fulfilment of any size
  3. To have a default rate of less than 0.75%
  4. To return a minimum of 3.5% over Libor to our lenders
  5. To have a billion dollar loanbook by June 2023.


Saurabh Goyal

Founder & CEO

Khai Vualnam

Chief Operating officer
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